1000 mile stare

this nearly pure indica will have you staring off to space and drooling on the couch. pain free.
1000 mile stare

thousand mile stare

(sfv og x purple urkle) x (triangle kush x purple urkle (t1000)) x meatbreath

52-63 days bloom

a wonderful smack-you-in-the-face night time sedative indica. meat breath has given this hybrid an ogkb-dominant plant profile and the terpenes are gas, pine, fuel, cookie, and kush. if you need a pain-killer, strong relaxing couch-lock experience, and to zone out, you need the 1000 mile stare. what was that noise you have been hearing for minutes now? someone was talking to you… you are on earth, remember? heavy stuff my friend. very dense buds, frosty.

thousand mile stare seeds will be released december 10, 2021. they are another limited edition.
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