banana twerpz

our 2nd award winning creation: 2nd place trophy for flower at z-labs cup michigan 2022!

banana twerpz got a great banana terp! this flavor we can not believe it is so loud banana candies like artificial banana ice cream or some thing. with 1/4 nevilles haze in the genetic you get some excess energy in the head when you smoke this hybrid and it have a lot of runtz for the heady smooth and indica body

(banana pepper (banana runtz x nevilles haze) x twerpz (runtz s1 x meat breath))
high thc cultivar
height: medium to tall
yield: medium
a great hash plant and strong flowers
terpene: banana candies. haze. gas.
suitable for: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
bloom time: 56-70 days
sex: regular and feminized seeds
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