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to find our sustainably harvested organic and no-till regenerative seeds visit the seed banks listed above

we are looking to add more seed banks, please contact us. we have many hybrids in production and testing phase now for release in winter '21

our seeds are yours once you buy them. you can clone/share/trade/breed/reproduce/sell/eat as you please. please preserve our pure land race seeds for generations to come.


we encourage following your heart, soul, and local laws.

cosmic intelligence


original land-race varietals

preservation of rare cultivars

creating new and improved hybrids

exploring unseen worlds

producing the finest medicine

purpose for a special feeling

We are not offering in-person consultations at this time
medical cultivation and seed making

​2010 - present


​we will be adding free lessons on line soon for those who cultivate their own medicine. 

our success is your success is our success... forever. we are all one.

known for our high quality organic medicinal flowers with top potency  and flavors we are ready to share our seeds from our best plants soon

organic soil


regenerative gardening

cosmic awareness

respect for mother nature

fractal beauty


medicinal use


we pledge to help bring the plant and community to be better than it started. we are breeding with only the best identified plant pheno type clones. we will not use any plants with hermaphroditic weakness or low in potency. we want to share our special things in our seeds. we want to preserve. we want to create new experiences. we also want every person to be happy as can be. we have permission to breed with their plants from many breeders such as exsitu1, thug pug, bad dawg and more. if a breeder does not want his plants bred with we honor that opinion and will not disrespect that. we believe in freedom so our seeds are your seeds. you can breed with them too. it is respectful to honor and credit those be fore you. all of our seed batches are grown in a respectful and clean organic environment for best health and vigour.


well water

sea + earth minerals




cultivate the soil