michigan haze

with michigan haze we have modernized haze to create dense frosted buds with classic haze terpene and effects profiles.
michigan haze

pure michigan 2.0 x nevilles haze

63-73 days bloom

we put together new and old school varieties here to make a faster blooming haze with more resin, color, and density. the pure michigan 2.0 gives its signature headache-reducer medicinal qualities and speeds up the bloom time. the neville haze adds its well known haze terpene profile and extreme strong potency when smoked. together this is a stunning plant. grows tall and can some times put 3-4 buds per node on some branches. colors can start the change as early as 25 days into bloom, foliage can turn purple, red, or black. buds are very dense and frosty.

michigan haze seeds will be released december 10, 2021. they are another limited edition.
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