hawaiian haze

a specialty cultivar focused on deep island heritage and pure sativa (narrow leaf) magick

hawaiian haze

hawaiian sativa x nevilles haze

77-140 days bloom

yes you read it correctly, this is a true long blooming nearly pure sativa cultivar. unbelievable and one of a kind, the effect is like a laughing gas and you can’t find these experiences on a shorter blooming plant so we had to make it available for the diehard sativa/narrowleaf fans. barbecue sauce, spice and haze flavors, some lemongrass. buds are actually very frosty, with skinny tall bud structures and okay density and form. these plants can stretch up to 10x their original height when transition to flower, so we initiate flowering from a very small, topped clone or seedling, and then cutting more off the top if it is stretching too much. you can grow this one indoors if you just cut the extra height off, it will fill out the middle really nice and that’s how we do it. this is a one of a kind experience and a true gem to add to your head stash… people ask for this one more than you would expect. our only nevilles haze cross with a “longer” blooming time than the haze itself!

hawaiian haze seeds will be released december 10, 2021. they are another limited edition.
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