purple nl2 haze

our rendition of purple haze with a cosmic flair. a tribute to neville schoenmakers. rest in peace.

purple northern lights #2 x nevilles haze

63-73 days bloom

inspired by neville schoenmakers. he was known for many things, especially his nl5xhaze cross. we took that genetic recipe and put our own twist, using a (bodhi seeds) purple northern lights 2 and crossed it to the nevilles haze. these plants are great producers with unmistakeable haze terpene signature plus many have a very putrid sweat stink in addition. for a purple haze this one has it all and in unique ways. high potency and tall plants. very vibrant colors on many which can begin by day 14. some plants are more green. strong sativa head but good density.

purple nl2 haze seeds will be released december 10, 2021. they are another limited edition.
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