cosmic afghani

our afghani landrace indica strain. originally collected by soviet army in afghanistan circa 1989. purely preserved by our dear friend exsitu1. this is a raw, pure, squat afghan plant with hellish terpenes and a relaxing effect to wind down at the end of the day. heavy indica power to relax muscles and mind... with a circus-like buzzing entertainment in the head... thc cbd medicine. open-pollinated regular seeds.
100% indica land race. herat region afghanistan
terpene: gasoline, skunk, citrus, lemon, acrid, sour, old school afghani
height: short
yield: medium to high. dense greasy buds.
suitable for: sea of green, stealth grows, small spaces, indoor, outdoor, green house
bloom time: 42-56 days of 12/12
sex: regular seeds
copious trichome production including on some male plants. thc and cbd for a heavy indica stone. medicinal values include sleep, pain relief, relaxing body stone, happy stress relief and irie vibes
seeds are now available at our seed retailers
growing notes: these plants do not need any training or defoliating and will produce well when simply left alone to grow easily. seeds may take 2-15 days to sprout due to their hardy nature. these are an easy grow for beginner cultivators in small spaces too. avoid using containers smaller than 2 gallons soil, some plants might trigger flower early if root bound in tiny containers
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