michighan meat

to maximize expressions of ogkb gene pool we have combined two popular thug pug genetics originals. michigan meat is a cross of pure michigan 2.0 x meat breath.
mostly indica
pure michigan 2.0 x meat breath
high thc cultivar
height: medium
yield: medium-well
terpene: ogkb cookies, umami flavours, peppered meat, spice, sweet
suitable for: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
bloom time: 49-63 days
sex: regular seeds

ogkb genetics on both sides of this cross make for a very strong dense frosty indica bud with high bag appeal and potent terpene profile, high thc, fade to black and purple colours, strong indica effect. very frosted and flavourful.

michighan meat souvenir seeds were released june 1, 2021. they are sold out.
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