michigan state of mind

we created this variety to relieve headaches, muscle tension and pain. it's also been great to relieve the anguish for our patients. the best bottle neck of gsc genetic with the strongest like the original flavor and a strong scent of bleach too.. some patients say it is even better then gsc. this is a totally sedative indica for night time usage
michigan state of mind

indica dominant 
mind flayer x pure michigan 2.0
high thc cultivar
height: medium
yield: medium
both genetics come together to bottle neck the gsc genetics in the best format. smells like girl scout cookie strain as strong as ever. very loud. and a strong scent of bleach when its done. over sized calyxes on the buds cover in frost and dark leaf pattern. intense sedative effect.
terpene: girl scout cookies terpene profile bleach and gas
bloom time: 45-55 days
sex: feminized seeds
seeds launch 14th october '22
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