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Bubba Hindu

Michigan Purple Haze

Indica Dominant Broadleaf Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
Pre 98 Bubba Kush (clone) x Purple Hindu Kush M10
Bloom time: 45-57 Days
Sex: Regular Seeds
Height: Very Short
Yield: Well
Terpene: Coffee, Chocolate, Kush, Bergamot, Solvent
Medicinal Profile: Relaxation, pain, appetite, inflammation, happy, sensual, rest, sleep, vivid.
Seed Drop 4-20 2023. 

Bubba Hindu combines some classic strains you grew and loved. This is the shortest stature plant in the Cosmic Wisdom arsenal, great for stealthily hidden micro home grows and production gardens alike. The resin production on these is very impressive. The flavonoids are very strong and it really shows the best of the parent strains in this cross.

A very special head effect from our beloved PHKM10 male.
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