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Purple Hindu Kush M10 S1

Land Race Broadleaf Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
Purple Hindu Kush x M10 SSSC 1989 Afghani
Bloom time: 49 Days
Sex: Feminized Seeds
Height: Medium
Yield: Medium
Terpene: Orange, Bergamot, Skunk, Gas
Medicinal Profile: Bliss, creative, mind altering, spiritual, euphoria, sensual, sexual, energizing, peaceful, healing. 
Seed Drop 7-1 2023. 

PHKM10 is one of the best smokes we have ever had in the Cosmic Wisdom gardens. My wife's favorite and mine too. We can not say enough about the special experiences from it. So we have decided to preserve our cut in S1 Feminized seed form.

The PHKM10 is originally bred by Crickets and Cicada Seeds. They encourage the preservation of genetics so we did it and it is really a special plant we could not resist to keep it in the community. We also made plenty of fantastic regular crosses with our PHKM10 male. 

My wife has described the high as a long, full body orgasm.

This herb enhances the sexual experience like no other!

A very pungent, top quality flower in all regards. Simply, some of the best flower, period end of sentence full stop.
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