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Banana Cookie Haze

Indica Dominant Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
Pure Michigan 2.0 S1 x Banana Pepper (Banana Runtz x Neville's Haze)
Bloom time: 49-67 Days
Sex: Feminized Seeds
Height: Medium-Tall
Yield: High
Terpene: Banana, Haze, Cookies
Medicinal Profile: Uplifted and enlightened. Energizing. Thought provoking. Dreamy and vibrant. Headache and migraine relief.
Seed Drop 12-30 2023. 

Banana Cookies Haze is a mix of incredible flavors and potency with a plant that is easy to grow and high yielding. The resin from the cookies mixed with the potency of neville's haze and the flavors of the banana runtz makes this a must have in any cookies or haze aficionado's regime.
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