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Final Call

Indica Dominant Broadleaf Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
White Mints x Garlic Breath 
Bloom time: 56-70 Days
Sex: Regular Seeds
Height: Medium-Tall
Yield: Very High
Terpene: Garlic, Pine, Gasoline, GMO, Sweet
Medicinal Profile: Hard hitting stone, high potency indica.
Seed Drop 12-30 2023. 

Our last release, ever. Last Call is an extra frosted out trichome monster cola machine! You won't believe the size and beautiful energy of these plants colas. We saved our best for last and we hope that this plant is a great example of our legacy after we are gone. It's a cross of the rare White Mints from Seed Junky x Garlic Breath from Thug Pug.
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