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See what other growers have to say about Cosmic Wisdom   

   LeCorriveau: Favorite thing about you guys is your transparency in your breeding work and your dedication to the plant
   cannaology: Awesome genetics! Excellent yields​

   Kleiosdad: Different varieties and you have strains that help with migraines!​

   Sloshbucket: Good vibes! Good medicine! Beautiful pics and detailed strain information!​

Tyler96: Favorite thing is probably how much you interact with the community!​

   Brick: My favorite thing about Cosmic Wisdom is growing cannabis in the Mitten from Michigan breeders. The terp profile on the Pure Michigan 2.0 was, in my humble opinion, near perfect.​

   FloBro: The medicinal purposes is what is interesting to me. Know too many ppl who get headaches.​

   ironfist: The favorite thing on cosmic wisdom seeds is the direction you guys are taking in todays market with the selection of your crosses.. The focus of the Neville’s haze… Pure Michigan.. And even the direction you took with runtz… You matched her up with some interesting cannabis profiles.. These crosses have lots of potential in all gardens for a variety of uses. You aren’t just breeding hype..​

   Reece: Love how y’all take high quality photos to go along with the strains you provide, many don’t do that and it’s nice to see what I could expect from the genetics I buy​

   Brainlettuce: I like your whole vibe. I like this discord shit good way to really cultivate a good name and feedback with people. Really wanna try that Michigan state of mind keep stuff with a bleach nose on it. seems to be the latest terp craze.. cheers!​

    N8: First time using cosmic and I’ve got kushigan coming…love the vibe, love the pics, and love that i had all my questions answered as a medical patient directly from breeder!!​

   peekaboo.pikachu: I been following and buying from you guys for a little over a year i first got spam masubi and cosmic afghani and michagani !!! I appreciate the journey i see you building and testing your genetics i see you guys taking NO short cuts >>> this is why i stay around because it’s the soul of the business it’s supposed to feel like we are connected and that’s what comes across with you guys even when i message you directly it’s always a immediate response . Keep growing as we grow with you . LITERALLY​

   Mack9: Some great genetics and affordable for all​

   tineytim1987: Top quality genetics with top quality people producing them​

   strictly.organics: My favorite thing about cosmic wisdom seeds is the fact that they focus on the medicine and what it can do to help patients. That’s where it started for me, and that’s how I believe it should be. Keep up the killer work​

   melloman: regenerative agriculture how you select when breeding.als making new strains and preserving all the variety like how if a breeder doesn't want you to breed with their stuff you wont.i also like you have some that finish in 7 weeks helps me with my outdoors crops thanks

Grower's Photographs

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