magic journeys

we combined land races and haze genetics from around the world to bring you on this magic journey. an expression of our old long blooming hawaiian haze where we sped up the bloom time so much while adding frost, density, and colors. plants can be done as fast as 7 weeks of bloom thanks to the phkm10 male used
magic journeys

(hawaiian haze x phkm10)
(hawaiian sativa land race x nevilles haze) x (purple hindu kush x sssc m10 afghani, crickets and cicada)
high thc cultivar
height: bushy tall (small and branchy in vegetative growth, big vigor in bloom period stretch 3 to 5 times height)
yield: great
based off of land races and old stool genes from exotic corners of the earth, this cross takes us on a magic journey.
sweet old school fruity hazy and powerful, this hybrid is as imaginative and orgasmic as the parent lines, some of our favorites here put together
suitable for: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
bloom time: 49-63 days
sex: regular seeds only. releasing july 30
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