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Sour Michigan

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
Sour Diesel (AJ) x Pure Michigan 2.0
Bloom time: 63-70 Days
Sex: Feminized Seeds
Height: Medium-Tall
Yield: High
Terpene: Sour, gas, dough, fuel, green dank
Medicinal Profile: Creative, uplifted, heightened senses, action. Pain and stress relief, motivation. Headache and migraine relief.
Seed Drop 12-30 2023. 

Part of our final 10 releases. Sour Michigan brings the classic Sour Diesel cutting to modernity with this cross. You all crave the Sour from years gone by but can't let go of the newest improvements in cannabis breeding? This cross satisfies both ends with an unbelievable resin and effect to keep you soaring, for hours and hours. No ceiling on the best Sour-leaner phenotypes.
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