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Eastern Hashplant

Indica Dominant Broadleaf Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
(Kashmir 22 x 1988 G13/HP) x (Purple Hindu Kush x M10 Afghani 1989 SSSC)
Bloom time: 49-56 Days
Sex: Regular Seeds
Height: Medium
Yield: Medium
Terpene: Pine, Spice, Bergamot, Orange, Citrus, Herbal, Exotic
Medicinal Profile: Sensual, focused, relaxed, heavy, pain relief, mental bliss, intuitive.
Seed Drop 12-30 2023. 

Part of our final 10 releases. Eastern Hash Plant brings together landraces and hash plant genetics for a strain that smokes great and makes an exotic hash extraction. Very unique and un-related to many of the common plants grown in this decade. Our testers also indicated the spider mites seem to avoid this plant!
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