og garlic breath

a tribute to some of earth's strongest cannabis, og kush, now with a modernized resin profile and larger yield, the same power and flavor you've grown and love.
og garlic breath

og garlic breath

og kush (clone only) x garlic breath

regular seeds

56-70 days bloom

og garlic breath: og kush, the legendary and original clone only, crossed to our male stud of garlic breath created by thug pug. two world famous strains put together for their raw power and terpenes.
you will find so many great pheno types. some are more og kush influenced from pine to gas to moth ball, and some are more garlic breath with some very strong garlic and gasoline terps.
all pheno types have enhanced resin profiles and kick a** indica power. the ultimate pain killer and couch locker. mouth coating goodness.
og garlic breath is one of our elite seed lines and it turns heads in every circle we share it with.
og kush has reigned supreme for many years and with this line you get the best of it with our cosmic twist.
expect tall og style plants which fill out with bigger yields. stronger stature than og kush and will produce heavier buds when supported more.
we recommend a brand new carbon filter when blooming these plants ;) the smell is very strong.
thc levels of 30% make this a great commercial variety also
only 115 packs produced in total ! release june 10 2022

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