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Michigan Purple Haze

Michigan Purple Haze

Sativa Dominant 80/20 Hybrid
High THC Cultivar
Purple NL2 Haze x Pure Michigan 2.0
Bloom time: 63-73 Days
Sex: Feminized Seeds
Height: Tall
Yield: Very Well
Terpene: Incense, Church, Haze, Sweet, Spice, Dank
Medicinal Profile: Pain, inflammation, mood, energizing, spasms.
Seed Drop 4-20 2023. Limited Collection.

Michigan Purple Haze takes our very old skool PNL2Haze creation (inspired by Neville Schoenmakers) and puts it to the 21st century. More dense nuggets, frosted out plants and quicker finishing time. The incense church terpene profiles will take you to a special place of years gone by.

A very potent, enlightenment and intense effect.

Limited Collection means small batch.
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